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Governments spend the people's money. Unsurprisingly, no one wants to pour that money down the drain. Therefore, when a waste of public funds occurs, elected officials and the public alike often call for new regulation, laws, or ordinances to be created so "that never happens again." Having run that process for decades now, those same well-intentioned rules often reduce competition for government contracts. Lack of competition creates worse outcomes for the public, both in terms of quality and price.

That's why we started Pursuit.

We're a software platform with a simple mission: make it easy to work with the government.


  1. Customer Focus: There is no daylight between our customers’ success and our own success.
  2. Critical Thinking: Break issues down into their atomic units, focus on what’s right not who’s right, maintain intellectual honesty. We openly acknowledge when we’re wrong, and improve.
  3. Accountability: We do what we say and give our maximum effort, and we expect that from everyone on our team. How we do one thing is how we do anything.
  4. Act with Urgency: Do it now. Shorten cycle times. If a decision is reversible, be 51% sure and pick one.
  5. Run at Conflict: We’re comfortable having uncomfortable conversations; we disagree with ideas while respecting the humans.
  6. Think Long Term: Choose the best answer in the long run. Do not take shortcuts.

Open Roles

Founding AI Engineer